About Us

In the 1970’s the two Anglican Churches in Holbeck were closed and Holbeck became part of a much larger parish of Beeston Hill and Holbeck. Unfortunately for the people of Holbeck the church building was across the motorway and this proved to be the great divide. In June 1999 a group of about 40 people made up of adults and children left the parish church and started to meet each Sunday in homes to pray, praise God and to support each other. Some of this group felt stongly that God was leading them to have a more permanent base in Holbeck. Later that year they had the opporunity to meet for worship in a local primary school which eventually became their base and so Holbeck Christian Fellowship came into being.

In 2008 the Education Lettings policy changed and at the same time the school had a community room built which although very nice was not suitable for our needs, and our old room was no longer available. Despite appeals to the Governors we had to vacate the premises. After searching the area we found space in the old Hillside School in Beeston Road now called Tiger11 and on October 19th we moved in. Although this is not in Holbeck it is very near and we will keep our links with Ingram Road School while we continue to seek God’s will for us in the future.

Over the next two years people still felt we should be in Holbeck, and after some negotiations and some refurbishment in the Community Centre we moved in on a trial period of three months on the 2nd January 2011.

We are probably quite unique in our way of organising and running the church at Holbeck Christian Fellowship. Unlike most churches we have no appointed leaders or ministers. The Bible speaks about every member of the Christian Church as having a ‘gift’ given by God for the building up and strengthening of individuals and the church as a whole. At Holbeck Christian Fellowship we enable and trust each other to have have a voice and a part in the decision making process of the church.

Each Sunday we have open worship, prayer and teaching.  We try to encourage all members of our church, young or old, to participate in leading our worship  and in the breaking of the bread and the sharing of the wine together. Everyone is valued by the church, from the oldest to the youngest, and can be used by God to exercise their gifts and tallents in order to know His love more fully

There is a midweek housegroup where the Bible is studied together, needs are shared and ministry offered.

Social activities are also a vital part of our church life. We have picnics, barbeques, days out, weekends away and holidays together. Some of the Fellowship are involved with Holbeck Gala and Christmas Market and community film nights.  We also volunteer and work in The Holbeck (The old WMC). In 2013 in a joint venture with Mosaic Church  Holbeck Food Bank was setup and serves the Leeds 11 area.

We are family.

It is now 16 years that we have been a church and a force for Jesus in this area of Leeds.

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